Brilliant Diamond Lever on rose

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The emblem of opulence


The new Brilliant Crystal collection of door handles immediately presents itself as one of the most majestic and imposing collections ever to be created by Linea Cal?.


Characterized by a handgrip full of deep grooves that elongate the silhouette and recall the famous cornucopia of Greek mythology, it is literally illuminated by an enormous Swarovski? crystal that infuses magical reflections of light within the room.


And so, whereas the cornucopia was originally filled with flowers and fruit to symbolize abundance, the designers of Linea Cal? give it a renewed youth by inserting one of the emblems of contemporary luxury: the Swarovski? crystal.


The shape of the 015 key hole, elegantly small, balances the stylistic exuberance of the handgrip, making this door handle the ideal furnishing accessory for the most important environments.


Brilliant Diamond

The myth of the cornucopia comes back to life thanks to the stylistic reinterpretation of Linea Cal? which, thanks to an imposing Swarovski? crystal set in the handgrip, represents one of the emblems of contemporary wealth.


Linea Cal?: we open doors in style.