Point Lever on rose

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The sophisticated simplicity of the design.


?To complicate is easy. To simplify is difficult.?

As the great Bruno Munari wrote, in order to complicate just add whatever you want: colours, shapes, actions, decorations, characters, things.


Everyone is capable of complicating. Few are capable of simplifying and Linea Cal? is one of these. In conceiving this handle, the Linea Cal? designers eliminated everything that was superfluous to perform this function. The result is a collection characterized by an extremely simple but very symbolic design.


The stem develops harmoniously folding back on itself and creating a particularly strong and material silhouette. The flat profile of the handgrip, aligned with the door, hides the rear part that is specifically shaped to transmit a pleasant sensation to the hand. The two profiles, one flat and one concave, communicate with each other thanks to a bevelled corner that makes this collection safe in all respects as well as beautiful.


To further increase the comfort of this handle for doors and windows all the finishes are created using a thick chrome plating process with a low environmental impact.


Finally, for those who want the best not only in style but also in safety, Point comes equipped with the SmartBlock anti-intrusion system, the new invisible anti-theft system for windows that is unique in the world.



A collection of handles without any frills and for this reason extremely sophisticated and unique.


Linea Cal?: we open doors in style.