Fish Lever on rose

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Design, it’s natural!


?Nothing has had a greater influence on human development than nature?s creations??

This is how Dmitri Kozinenko in a simple and direct manner sums up the core of his new creation.


?The sinuous lines of my new creation follow each other, giving life to a natural form that ideally resembles a branch on which an ibis is perched, an American bird with scarlet feathers that reminds us of a summer sunset.?


A handle that is characterised by natural forms, with no rough edges, that results in soft and sinuous volumes.

A handle that is pleasant to the eye and to the touch; the particular shape of the grip allows a soft and secure grasp for all hands.



Softness and fluidity in a streamlined design with an explicit reference to marine environments.


Linea Cal?: we open doors in style.