Nau Crystal Lever on rose

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The ?pearl? of design.


Since ancient times, scholars have tried to connect beauty and perfection to precise harmonic relationships. Equipped with a ruler and compass, the Greek architects divided a line into two parts so that the ratio between the longest part and the shortest part was the same as the ratio between the entire line and the longest part (golden ratio).


The Nau Crystal collection for doors and windows was designed in this same fashion, starting with the golden ratio; the Linea Cal? designers in this way managed to transform simple piece of brass into a splendid example of contemporary design.


The handgrip, characterised by a profile that makes it visually slimmer and gives it a safe grip, evolves around a precious Swarovski? crystal that releases reflections of? a thousand colours.

Nau Crystal thus reinterprets the emblem of contemporary luxury, to become one of the most precious handles of all the Linea Cal? collections.


The particular chroming and thickness also gives it an unparalleled brightness and offers a particular sensation of softness to the hand.


Nau Crystal

An unusual spiral form holds a ?pearl? in Swarovski? crystal that releases multi-coloured reflections.


Linea Cal?: we open doors in style.