Idea Crystal lever on rose

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Femininity is back in vogue; once in fashion in the XIV and XV century when curvaceous porcelain looking women were all the rage (women that are now called ?curvy?), and now in the world of design soft and sinuous lines have also come back.


The recent Furniture Fair 2015 is proof where numerous objects were presented all lacking sharp profiles and reflecting the furniture styles of the 50s and 60s.


The same style of the Idea Crystal collection of handles, characterized by a soft profile and deep curvature that make it extremely comfortable as well as beautiful.


An imposing Swarovski? crystal embedded in the stem illuminates it like a pendant around the neck of a beautiful woman making it look deliciously ?tr?s chic?!


And that?s not all! The Idea Crystal collection of handles, going back to far off 1995 is the proof that the ?good design? of Linea Cal? is capable of resisting the passage of time and fashions.


Idea Crystal

The Swarovski? crystal embedded in the handgrip emphasize the graceful and sinuous lines that make this collection ?light? but precious.


Linea Cal?: we open doors in style.