Komfort Lever on rose

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This Komfort door handle by Linea Cal? has multiple personalities.

The first one is entertaining and emerges when looking at the handle from the front, when the wedge-shaped handgrip seems to become Pinocchio?s nose, the puppet created by Collodi in 1881.

The second one, on the other hand, is the exact opposite and it appears with a three-quarter view; from this point, we can clearly perceive the great work performed by Svetlana and Mishenov, the designers of these lines that follow one another giving life to an undefined but ?concrete? form.

The end result is a handle with a strong personality, characterized moreover by an elevated comfort; every line, every softened edge, every curve is in fact the result of an attentive study of ergonomics.



A handle with multiple personalities, ironic and playful, pragmatic and complex, where the lines follow one another giving life to an undefinable but ?concrete? form.


Linea Cal?: we open doors in style.