Veronica Lever on rose

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The parable of Design


“A beautiful woman is not one whose legs or arms are praised for their beauty, but one whose overall appearance is of such beauty as to remove the possibility of admiring the individual parts” – Lucio Anneo Seneca, Letters to Lucilio.


Veronica is just that: fascinating, elegant and subtle. One of the most popular Linea Cal? collections around the world, the Veronica handle for doors was designed to match classical doors and windows.


The stem is characterized by an elegant profile that leads the eye to the hourglass-shaped handgrip, a classical Italian handle, which, thanks to the Swarovski? crystal is transformed into a precious gem to be touched and admired. The skilful crafting of the crystal is clear at first glance, when the many facets shine and glow almost with their own light.


Finally, the precious gold-plated finish ?illuminates? it further and allows it to be noticed with elegance and discretion.



The refined and subtle fascination of this collection of handles is revealed thanks to the hourglass handgrip made entirely of Swarovski? crystal.


Linea Cal?: we open doors in style.