Ball Bearing Hinge Grade 13


  • Description

This is our standard stock 4″ grade 13 ball bearing butt hinge. It is our go-to stock hinge as we feel it is superb value for money as a good quality product at a fair price. We have sold a lot of these hinges for many years and find it to be reliable and well received and one of the very best at this price point in our opinion.

1 Pair of Hinges.

102 x 76 x 3mm.

Suitable for Fire Doors – CE2812, UKCA1121, Certifire CF336, BS EN1634 Fire Tested to FD30, 60, 90 & 120 minute Timber Doors. FD240 Minute Steel Door.

Grade 13 (120kg Total Door Mass – Based on 3 Hinges per door leaf)

BSEN1935 Performance tested to 200,000 cycles to Grade 13.

Made from 201 Grade Stainless Steel.

Supplied with 12 Gauge Countersunk Pozi Woodscrews.