Gemma Lever on rose

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A drop of crystal


Gemma is one of the most precious Linea Cal? handles. Made entirely of brass, it is characterized by a large Swarovski? crystal that redefines the handgrip.


This collection recalls the atmosphere of the 1920s of the Great Gatsby film with its sumptuous crystal chandeliers hanging in the shape of a drop, and when the light shone through, countless reflections were projected on the walls.


The ?Roaring Twenties? arrived just after the First World War had come to an end, and they brought with them the Charleston and jazz, long strings of pearls, and light, low-cut dresses that, thanks to strategic fringes, showed off the legs of the beautiful women that wore them. These were also the years of Coco Chanel, her little black dress and the timeless perfume Chanel N.5.


The design of this collection of handles is also timeless, where the slender stem of the handgrip is the perfect match for the elusive form of the Swarosvki? crystal and accompanies the gaze of its infinite reflections. The rose, soft and delicate, gracefully completes the silhouette of this handle.



A precious gem made of Swarovski? crystal redefines the beautiful handgrip of this eclectic and elegant handle.


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