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Fast-Track Method To Door Hygeine

With how the world is living in a Pandemic, we’ve all been working on improving our personal hygeine to defend ourselves and our loved ones from harmful bacteria.

I’m confident to say that SOME of us may have gone a little overboard with household cleaning after watching clickbaity-ish videos on YouTube to fit the theme of hygeine and germs.

And this is understandable, as we don’t usually think about cleaning EVERY PART of our homes if we don’t use the item/room often. Normally a light dusting will do, but thanks to this pandemic it wouldn’t be uncommon to go through a disinfectant spray in a week.

This has lead to the topic on doors, something we do USE every day, but don’t normally clean. According to an article by HR News, Office Door Handles Have 30 Times More Bacteria than Toilet Seats.

We can continue using disinfectants on doors and cupboards, OR…
we could look into Anti-Bacterial door knobs and handles.
We have suppliers like Atlantic UK

with products which release silver ions that alter bacteria reproduction. Leaving the surface 99.9% cleaner than unprotected surfaces.

Atlantic UK is proud to say that their “Clean Touch” is non-toxic, unlike other powder formula.

Antibacterial protection does not need to look clinical and colourless.
It can be designer, stylish and bold!

And that is why, in light of this, We at Shop4Handle’s are pleased to tell you that we too offer Atlantic UK’s clean touch in our store.

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