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Overhead Door Closers added to the Shop 4 Handles online range!

Overhead door closers

Overhead door closers

Overhead Door Closers

We have recently added a variety of door closers to our site including overhead, concealed and surface mounted style closers. Overhead door closers are most commonly used on commercial properties and can have a number of different applications,  the most obvious ones being to avoid the spread of fire and draught by keeping the door closed.

Some important information to consider when looking at what closer will be suitable are the size and weight of the door, whether it is inwards or outwards opening,  the door fire rating and frequency of door usage.

Overhead door closers are capable of performing under high levels of stress and traffic, so are not always necessary in residential and low-use areas. In more passive environments, a smaller surface mounted closer, or a concealed closer may be more suitable. For more commercial use our super-charged TS9205 overhead closer is not only a screw adjustable  power 2-5 with very high technical specifications, it is also available in a large number of finishes, so overcomes any aesthetic obstacles faced by worse looking door closers. Any RAL colour is also available for this closer upon request, for more information see specification guide.

The other overhead closer in our online range TS2204 will also be sufficient for some commercial projects but is not as heavy duty as the TS9205 as it is only suitable for standard width doors (no wider than 950mm) and not heavier than 60kg. It is non adjustable, set to Grade 3 (BS EN 1154). For more information see specification guide.

Surface mounted & Concealed Door closers

Surface mounted & Concealed Door closers

Concealed style closers can also be used to shut a door and are often chosen in cases where the closing mechanism does not want to be seen. This type of closer works by being morticed into the door and then attached to the frame via a plate which is in turn attached to the closer by a sprung chain. As the door is opened the chain stretches and thus when the door is released the chain is pulled back into the closing mechanism resulting in the door closing. The particular concealed closer on our site is suitable for doors weighing up to 50kg. However, for more substantial doors other options are available so please call us for details.

Spring Hinge

Spring Hinge

Sprung Hinges

In addition to door closers another option is the spring hinge. These are also available on our site and can have several advantages over more traditional door closers.  They are generally considered more attractive options as the spring mechanism is integrated into the hinge, making for less “clutter” on the door or frame.  When you also consider that when using 3 hinges they are fire rated up to 1 hour, they are the perfect option for light to medium use applications. What you may also be pleasantly surprised to learn is that the pins can be removed from the spring element on our version, so if you ever did want to stop the door from closing automatically you can do so easily and without any impact on the door’s appearance.

As with all of our products, we can give more information from our shop in Ascot, so give us a call on our freephone number at the top of the site, or on 01344 876955 our UK landline. If you prefer you can email us via the contact page.

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