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Window Security – A few options

It is a commonly known fact that burglars will often try to gain entry to a property via the least secure access, which is often a window.

There are a number of different methods available for you to protect your house from burglars entering this way. Whether you have sash windows or casement windows there is a product to suit.

In this post we will attempt to look at the basic locks and fittings used on many wooden windows. Many UPVC (and some wooden) windows use espagnolette (multi-point) locks, which we sell along with their accessories, but we do not offer for online purchase due to the technical nature of these products. If you would like information on these please contact us directly.

Sash Window Locks and Security

With most sash windows there will already be a fastening device and on upper floor  windows this should be sufficient in securing the window. However with windows on lower and ground floors additional security should definitely be considered. Some sash fasteners offer a lockable feature which when the window is fastened shut it can then be locked in place with a key and then the key removed and stored in a safe place out of sight.

Bramah Rola Locks

Bramah Rola Locks

One way to increase the security on a sash window is to attach a rola lock. Rola locks can be used to stop the window from sliding up and opening at all, therefore reducing the ability of anyone forcing it open and climbing in. Furthermore they can also allow ventilation without the threat of intruders by enabling the window to only open a fraction. In addition if two rola locks are fitted at different heights the window can be locked fully closed or locked open a small amount to allow ventilation. The locks are both easy to fit and use a separate key for added security, which also satisfies most insurance requirements on domestc properties.

Casement Window Locks

For casement windows there are a number of security options. Perhaps the most subtle and cost effective is to use window fittings which have a lockable function. We supply both casement fasteners and casement stays which can be locked in position and use a separate key which can be removed and kept safe and out of sight.

Lockable Casement Window Fittings

Lockable Casement Window Fittings

If replacing existing window fittings is not a viable option then there are a number of different window locks which can be applied to the window for additional security. Both Chubb and Yale have a range of window locks but perhaps the most popular are the Yale ventilation lock and the Chubb 8K101 window lock. The Yale lock can be either locked when the window is shut or can be locked in place when the window is opened to allow ventilation, this is also advantageous if you have children as the window opening is restricted. The Chubb window lock fixes onto the window section and is locked around the frame fixed staple by a key. This lock is also suited to more narrow window frames.

Window Bolt, Chubb 8K101 and Yale P117 Casement Window Locks

Window Bolt, Chubb 8K101 and Yale P117 Casement Window Locks

One other method to increase window security is to use a ‘rack style’ window bolt which is morticed into the window section and shoots a bolt, through turning a key, into the frame thus locking it in place, once again the key can and should be removed and kept out of sight in a safe place.

All of the window locks mentioned are an excellent way to not only deter potential burglars but will offer a high level of protection against anyone attempting to force open a window. Furthermore all are seen as very effective in the eyes of most insurance companies. All of the products are available from our website and other options are also available at our Ascot showroom.

As with all of our security products, if you are unclear of your requirements or would just like some advice, we have a team of staff eager to help you if you give us a ring or drop us a email.

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