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uPVC & Multi Point Lock Handles

Espagnolette or Multi-point lock handles

Our previous articles on front door furniture have been very popular but have raised some additional questions  and it seems fitting that we include an article on uPVC or espagnolette multi point lock handles due to the number of enquiries we are recieving about these items. Espagnolette, or multi-point locking systems are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a higher lever of security and resistance to burglar attack than most single point locking systems. However many of the door handles to suit these locks are unadventurous and sterile in their design, made from cheap materials and whilst fit for purpose, do not enhance the appearance of a front door, merely providing a basic means to open one. We have worked hard to bring a range of stylish handle designs available in a number of different finishes to suit most styles of door and locking system, and many of these can be found on our website (although we also have many others if you call our shop). It should be noted however, that some uPVC door manufacturers intentionally use systems which are unusually sized, so as to ensure all replacements parts, alternative handles etc must be purchased from them directly.

Before we show you a few of the designs we have available it is important to look at how the handle is sized as there are a variety of different sized locks in widespread use, with only minor (but very important) differences between each one. There are a few measurements you will need to know before choosing a new handle set. These measurements can be seen in the diagram below.

Important measurements to know when choosing a handle

Important measurements to know when choosing a handle

The first measurement to look at is the centres, this is from the middle of the handle centre to the middle of the keyhole. Typical measurements are 68mm, 70mm & 92mm, although there are some other less common measurements on the market. Handles with 92mm centres are the most common ones we stock as they are available in a variety of different handle styles and finishes, we also have a few handles on offer that have 70mm centres. Other centre measurement handles are available as special orders and we can supply handles from the likes of Mila and Hoppe to name but a few.

Fixing centres are also important as they do vary so again it is important you have the correct measurement before purchasing. Backplate length should also be considered as again this varies so it is important to know that the handle you are purchasing will fit in the place of an existing handle or cover any marks that are left. Once you have all these measurements correct you should be able to select the correct handle that will suit. If the measurements do not match any of the handles we have listed on our website, please contact us and we will try and find a suitable handle to meet your requirements.

Some handle designs are asymmetrical and are therefore handed. This means they can either come left or right handed depending on how the door is hinged. The best way to figure out what handing you require is to look at the door from the outside and see which side (left or right) of the door the handle is situated on as this will determine which hand you use to open it. So if the handle is situated on the left side of the door you will use your right hand to open it and thus it is a right handed handle. If you have any problems with this we will be happy to assist you and explain further.

uPVC & Multi Point Lock Door Handles

uPVC & Multi Point Lock Door Handle

Now that the important considerations have been looked at it is now possible to look at some of the handles we are able to offer. As you can see above, there are a number of different styles and finishes available to accompany existing door furniture or compliment interior design features, from traditional to more modern and contemporary styles.

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