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Butt Hinges – A Brief Introduction

The most commonly used hinge is the butt hinge and it can be found on most doors in homes or offices. Butt hinges are made from a variety of different materials including steel, stainless steel and brass among others. Butt hinges are also available in a number of different finishes including most commonly polished brass, polished chrome, satin chrome, polished stainless steel and satin stainless steel. The main reasons for the various finishes is for both extra protection for the underlying material and for aesthetic reasons as many people wish to match existing hardware finishes.

Zinc Plated & Electro Brass Plain Bearing Butt Hinges

Zinc Plated & Electro Brass Plain Bearing Butt Hinges

Butt hinges use a variety of different bearings in order to reduce the friction of the hinge as the pin moves against the knuckle. Plain bearings just rely on metal to metal contact and have no additional parts to reduce friction and therefore hinges of this sort are mainly only suitable for light or medium use. These hinges are also generally less aesthetically pleasing. Other types of bearing which are commonly found are washered, double washered and ball bearing. Both single and double washered hinges offer a greater reduction in friction and therefore increase the life of the hinge and allow for a smoother action. The washers are generally either steel, stainless steel or bronze, the latter two offer a bit more protection against corrosion.  Ball bearing hinges are generally of a higher specification and offer a very smooth action coupled with additional durability. Ball bearing hinges are more suited to heavy or even severe door use and doors using a closing device. Our stock hinges incorporating ball bearings are classified as grade 11 and grade 13, meaning they can also carry doors above 80kg and are suitable for fire doors. The Grade 13 Ball bearing butt hinge is our best selling hinge and offers superior movement and performance coupled with fantastic durability. These hinges are more suitable for doors 44mm thick or greater. We also offer a stainless steel washered 3″ hinge which offers exceptional functionality and durability and is suitable for 35mm doors.

The full range of hinges mentioned above, as well as many others can be found on our website, or sourced by calling the shop.

Double Steel Washered, Double Phosphur Bronze Washered & Ball Bearing Grade 13 Butt Hinge

Double Steel Washered, Double Phosphor Bronze Washered & Ball Bearing Grade 13 Butt Hinge

The main considerations when choosing the correct butt hinge are generally what size the door is, the weight of the door, the usage of the door and to a lesser extent what finish the surrounding hardware is. On doors weighing 20kg a pair of hinges would suffice, on heavier doors it is recommended that 3 hinges are used, not only does this add support but it also leaves less chance of the door warping.

If there are any questions or queries relating to any of our butt hinges or indeed any hinges at all please do not hesitate to contact us either via e-mail at or by phone on 01344 876955 or freephone 0800 027 2470.

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