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Bronze – A traditional and elegant finish

Bronze has been used by man for thousands of years and is a traditional metal used to make products of an architectural hardware nature, mainly due to its strength and corrosion resistant properties. Although modern alloys, zinc, stainless steel and aluminium have become increasingly popular in industrial use, bronze still remains a very important, useful and an aesthetically pleasing material. Bronze manufacture and finishing offers an aesthetic quality -a rustic, natural charm and a warm complex colour not found elsewhere.

In current architectural hardware products there are a number of different bronze finishes available.

Imitation Bronze & Real Bronze Metal Antique Finishes

Imitation Bronze & Real Bronze Metal Antique Finishes

Imitation Bronze (IBMA) is not actually made from bronze, but is the result of applying a bronze powder to, in the majority of cases, a brass base. The end product is a deep, satuary bronze lustre. This type of bronze is made to produce a bronze look at a lower cost and as a result does not have the varying degree of finishing actual bronze does. The colour is often a darker, greyer finish, often with hints of plum in many lights. There are several manufacturers producing bronze produucts in this way and there is some variety between the colours of these manufacturers. Although some variation of colour is expected and encouraged with bronze, Shop 4 Handles staff have an intricate knowledge of the offerings of the UK market and can advise you to ensure you are getting products that don’t vary  to the extent they no longer compliment one another. Please give us a call today on 01344 876955 (UK) to discuss your requirements and receive free advice.

Real Bronze (RBMA) is the result of polished pieces of bronze going through a special process which rapidly oxidizes the surface. Over time and continued handling the oxidised layer will break down to reveal the polished bronze beneath. This is where the iridescent appeal of real bronze becomes apparent. We have suppliers of many products manufactured out of bronze made right here in the UK, including door handles, mortice knobs (which are very popular!), bolts and front door fittings such as letterplates and knockers. We can obtain almost any architectual ironmongery product in this finish, although most of it requires a little patience as it is often manufactured to order.

Polished Bronze & Rustic Bronze Finishes

Polished Bronze & Rustic Bronze Finishes

Polished Bronze is the result of the real bronze material being highly polished after being sand-casted, in addition a protective wax coating is applied. In order to keep the bronze at its true brilliance regular polishing is required, although if  left it will oxidise and age gracefully.

Rustic Bronze is yet another type of bronze finish available and reflects bronze of times gone by. Using traditional cast bronze the effect is more rough and rustic and truly embodies the feel and look of yesteryear.

Some of the finest purveyors of bronze products are based in England. Frank Allart, Samuel Heath and Croft Architectural all offer a variety of ironmongery products in bronze finishes. If you are interested in any bronze products including door and window furniture please do not hesitate to contact us via email ( or calling us on 01344 876 955 or freephone 0800 027 2470.

If you would like to see some of our designs in bronze, pop into our shop in Ascot, Berkshire, or give us a call if you can’t make it and need to see a sample.

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